About us

Fenix Group was created in 2005 and currently consists of three companies: Fenix Capital S.A., Fenix Opportunities S.A.
and Fenix III SKA. The group is composed mainly of individual investors from Poland and France, but also from Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. All are united by a passion for historic buildings

The apartment, office and commercial spaces that Fenix Group is interested in are situated in the best locations in Warsaw.
The companies also own buildings in Łódz and Wrocław.

Fenix Group selects buildings thoroughly, they are then carefully renovated with the assistance of experienced architects and contractors in order to make them once more the pride of their cities.

Up until today, Fenix Group has modernised and restored to their former glory over 20 000 square metres of usable, historic space. Currently, over 20,000 square metres are undergoing renovation.

At Fenix Group, we believe you can turn back the time, and all that has been forgotten can regain its former splendour.

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How the old is transformed into the new

The original architecture of buildings is a great treasure, which we at the Fenix Group always rediscover with unbridled joy
and great care.

Paying attention to every detail, we give back forgotten places their former identity. Our passion and knowledge allow us to reawaken the very souls of buildings after a long and deep slumber. We act in accordance with European tradition maintaining the past for the future.

Our projects are led by specialists from the domains of construction and renovation, with several decades of experience under their belts. All are united by a passion for historical buildings.

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Fenix Group
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