New Face of Old Praga

The spirit of the old Warsaw was best preserved in Praga, where most of the tenements survived the war. Many of them have just regained their former glory.



Fenix Group restores the splendor of Warsaw Praga

Praga is one of the oldest and most famous districts of Warsaw. You can find here many buildings that could tell a lot - if they could speak.


Fenix Group wants to finish PLN 120m worth repairs in Praga by the end of 2018

Fenix ​​Group is intensifying its comprehensive renovation work on real estate in Warsaw Praga. The company counts that investments in the district, worth a total of 120 million PLN will end by 2018.


Investment in prestige

Renovated buildings from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries create a new definition of luxury. Nowhere else will we find equally stylish interiors with stucco, parquet flooring inlaid with dark, aged oak, or floors laid with tiles made in small manufactories.


Old town with prospects for the future

It is not difficult to find historic buildings in Praga. Thanks to comprehensive revitalization, they reveal their assets and surprise us with their elegance.


Renaissance of the Warsaw Praga

The old houses in Praga Północ have been restored to their former glory. Many dream of living in these renovated masterpieces.


Keep the past for the future

Warsaw is one of the places the most affected during World War II. It was almost razed to the ground, and only a few percent of the buildings remained of the original cityscape. 


According to WPROST Okrzei 26 and Koszykowa 49A are one of the most interesting Warsaw buildings

Five hundred million zlotys a year - the value of transactions in the primary luxury real estate market in Poland. Apartments - according to the report “Luxury real estate market in Poland”, generate 90% of this amount.


Houses with souls

Modernization of old houses is a time consuming process, requiring much more work and much more complex procedures than any real estate development project. It is more like working on a living organism. 


We Are Renovating Buildings, Not Clearing Them

The interview conducted by Renata Krupa-Dąbrowska.
Published in Rzeczpospolita daily.


The new face of Old Praga

Unique atmosphere, distinct folklore, exclusive architecture. City Center, yet an undiscovered district. Just the same pros.


From the past to the future. History told in architecture

Post-war nationalisation of real estate property ordered by President Bierut’s decree has effectively hindered revitalisation of the historic urban landscape.



Undying souls of the Warsaw apartment houses

Look at the pre-war Warsaw houses. What do you see? At first glance they are nothing but dilapidating old walls.


Return to former splendour - a trend or the need of the times?

Pre-war apartment houses exude unique charm and character. By regaining their former splendour they become true pride of the city again. 


The house of a famous architect will regain its splendour

Fenix Group is conducting revitalisation process of a historic, four-story apartment hout at 15 Kopernika St., in the rear of Nowy Swiat St., between Ordynacka St. and Foksal St.


Fenix Club launch

The inaugural meeting of the Fenix Club series was devoted to An Evening of Photography in the Interior.


Monuments have no time to waist

Jacek Studziński talks to Kurier Warszawski about the rays and shadows of revitalization.


A new, better Praga

A few years ago the Warsaw district of Praga used to be described like this: „It is one of the least developed areas with difficult access to the centre.


Auction of sculptures by Jan Cykowski in Krolikarnia

A recollection of last summer. We had enormous pleasure to host an auction of recovered works by the sculptor Jan Cykowski.


Fenix Group’s apartment houses among the top rated in Warsaw according to Wprost

49a Koszykowa St., 50 Hoza St., 16 Poznanska St., 16 Noakowskiego St. have been ranked among addresses of the best apartment houses in Warsaw according to Wprost. 


The apartment house at 50 Hoza St. Luxury with a history

The house at 50 Hoza St. is an example of how more and more frequently historic buildings, previously neglected and forgotten, become true gems of the real estate market.


Sculptures discovered in a renovated house – invitation to an exhibition

Renovation of a historic apartment house always gives rise to many surprises. They rarely are as exciting and unique, though, as the discovery we made in the building at 49a Koszykowa


Fenix Group, the Xavery Dunikowski Museum of Sculpture in Krolikarnia and the Museum of Warsaw are holding an auction of sculptures

Fenix Group, the Xavery Dunikowski Museum of Sculpture in Krolikarnia and the Museum of Warsaw invite everyone to an auction of sculptures by Jan Cykowski


Fenix Group interiors in photoshoot for Uroda Życia monthly

In May issue of Uroda Życia monthly there is an exceptional photoshoot, featuring Ewa Dalkowska, set in elegant interiors of the apartment house at 16/2 Noakowskiego St. in Warsaw.


New quality in old wall

Today, when nearly a century has passed, apartment houses in the centre of Warsaw in the districts of Powisle and Praga are being restored to their former splendour, class, elegance and chic.


Fenix Group assumes honorary patronage over the exhibition and New Art auction at Bohema

On 12 November a first New Art Auction will be held in Warsaw’s Bohema - a new auction house and gallery.


“Nature instead of advertising banners. We support it” - that we the comment to Art Cover on Noakowskiego 16 by TVP Warsaw

Please feel free to watch the materials on Art Cover which were broadcast in Telewizyjny Kurier Warszawski.


“For a moment I was given a piece of the city” - an unusual XXXL size exhibition

What are the reactions of the residents of Warsaw, when walking along ul. Noakowskiego they encounter a jungle, which they can see and hear from afar?


“Śródmieście: a dream district full of contrasts”

There is no other district like this in Warsaw. Śródmieście boasts qualities which other Warsaw district can only dream about. It is only here that you can live with theatres, cinemas and chic restaurants on your doorstep whilst being next door to a park.


Historic buildings regaining their former glory

Old buildings in city centres are an inseparable part of history, culture and art.


Warsaw regains its shine

enix Group renovates historic listed buildings in Warsaw, Łódź and Wrocław.


The renovated building covered by a mural? To Street Art by Fenix

ArtCovers are similar to murals, however their lifetimes are much shorter as they tend to disappear after a few months, just to appear in a different part of the city, in a different graphical setting.


Renovated buildings as a counterweight for the aesthetic style of modern architecture

Fenix Group as an example of a good investor who renovates old buildings


Art vs. ads

President Andrzej Kawalec talks to Gazeta Finansowa about ArtCovers - large scale works of artists from Warsaw’s ASP


A performance by IMKA Theatre at the historic tenement at Hoża 50, for our guests

Outstanding artists, a magnificent and humorous play, and a full house for two days


Andrzej Kawalec’s Warsaw

The head of the Fenix Group, Andrzej Kawalec, couldn’t accept the socialist dismantling of the capital’s pre-war buildings.


"Imka" to play in the courtyard of a pre-war tenement

Under the blue sky, under the stars – "Quartet" ("Kwartet"), directed by Mikołaj Grabowski, will be performed on 12 and 13 July in the courtyard of the tenement at Hoża St. 50 in Warsaw.


KISSPRINT 2014_Graphic Art Weekend in Warsaw | 5 - 8 June

KISSPRINT and the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, together with Fenix Group, is organising the Graphic Art Weekend in Warsaw.


A beach in the centre of Warsaw - launch of the “Street Art by Fenix” project

The official launch of the “Street Art by Fenix” in Warsaw took place on 22 May.


Is it worth investing in historic architecture?

The benefits of investing in historic apartment buildings in


Monika Kuc from Rzeczpospolita is enthusiastic about the artcovers

Artcovers constitute an excellent counterproposal to all large and often tacky advertisements and show that public spaces can be an excellent place for the presentation of works of art.


The art of covering buildings

Instead of large format advertisements, we have equally large works by the students of the Academy of Fine Arts.


Great art on the street

Andrzej Kawalec, the President of Fenix Group talks about the new form of street art called artcovers.


Roman Pawłowski from Gazeta Wyborcza praises the artcovers

“(…) I’ll defend the “artcover” project, an artistic wrapper, because by covering up architecture, it simultaneously gives back our most important right, the right to the city”.


Warsaw beach going on the historic apartment building at ul. Targowa 43

What a few days ago was nothing more than a dilapidated apartment building is now covered by smiling beachgoers.


Warsaw’s Prague District attracts investors

The right bank of Warsaw is attractive thanks to its unique character and architectural gems that are slowly being restored while covered by modern street art.


Artists wrapped up apartment buildings in the Praga District

A safety net was installed on the apartment building at ul. Targowa 21.


Artcover offensive launched

True works of art have been installed on Warsaw’s apartment buildings.


We should revitalise, not demolish - it’s worth it

Andrzej Kawalec, the President of Fenix Group, talks about the benefits of renovating old apartment buildings.


A new fashion for old walls

Apartments in a one hundred year old, luxuriously renovated old apartment building instead of a modern but soulless apartment building or villa in the suburbs?


Will there be a fashion for apartments with a soul

Apartments in old restored apartment buildings are becoming increasingly popular in European cities and are some of the most desired and sought after.


Apartments in old apartment buildings

The interiors in Fenix Group’s renovated apartment buildings in a session for "Cztery Kąty".


Studios in the City Centre will become more expensive

Rzeczpospolita writes about the studio apartments market in the Centre of Warsaw.


Back to the heyday...

“Pomorska 21. Dom Towarzystwa Kredytowego”, the pride of Fenix Group, makes it seem as if time went back to the heyday of industrial Łódź.


Katarzyna Bujakiewicz - art nouveau in a pre-war apartment building

In the November issue of “Gala”, in the spacious interiors of an apartment, a Polish actress talks about the theatre, family, and about how she is not a perfect mother.


Renovating instead of tearing down

In terms of urban planning and economy, revitalisation constitutes a decisively better solution - Andrzej Kawalec, the President of Fenix Group.


Reprivatisation without costs?

Andrzej Kawalec, the President of Fenix Group in the “Forbes” monthly convinces that reprivatisation can be carried out without costs.


Inspirations: a bathroom in an old apartment building

The session by "Cztery Kąty" inspires how to turn an ordinary bathroom into an elegant one.


Warsaw is changing for the better

Residents feel best surrounded by a historic urban fabric. European cities take care to revitalise classic apartment buildings as it is such buildings that determine the elegance, prestige, and big city atmosphere of a city.


Apartments in Polish

The President of Fenix Group, Mr Andrzej Kawalec talks with about the meaning of the word “apartment” in Poland.


Does anyone buy apartments these days?

Andrzej Kawalec talks to about the percentage of apartments on the real estate market.


The future in these old walls

The Fenix Group and how it came to be - Andrzej Kawalec in an article for September’s Forbes.


Confessions of a townhouse owner

An interview with Fenix Group President Andrzej Kawalec in “Gazeta Wyborcza”.


Fenix Group interiors and Venezia shoes

Photo shoot for the Autumn-Winter 2013/14 season catalogue in the town house at ul. Poznańska 16.


An apartment reborn

Fenix Group interiors are the talk of the week on the most widely read interior design website domplusdom.


Beauty not always appreciated – methods to save old tiles and cladding

A statement by Fenix Group President Andrzej Kawalec in “Gazeta Wyborcza”.


Why do local governments support western pensioners?

Fenix Group President Andrzej Kawalec in an article for „Forbes" magazine.


Apartments with a history

Apartments in pre-war buildings are still a little known part of the Polish real estate market. - Fenix Group President Andrzej Kawalec for „Gazeta Finansowa".


Why do we need revitalization? - Polish Radio debate with Fenix Group President Andrzej Kawalec

„Culture in the Big City” a Polish Radio II broadcast took up the matter of revitalization of unkempt districts.


We have to put an end to the demolition of historic town houses

From the point of view of urban planning and economics their revitalisation is far easier to justify - Fenix Group President Andrzej Kawalec in an article for „Forbes" monthly.


Discover historic beauty on PiN Radio

Fenix Group President Andrzej Kawalec on PiN Radio. Sensational location, perfect workmanship and historic details - pre-war buildings are turning into luxurious apartments.


New block of flats versus restored pre-war buildings - the duel at

A new block of flats vs. a restored pre-war buildings. Surely a number of people rack brains whether to choose an apartment in pre-war building in a centre, or buy a completely new?


About revitalized pre-war buildins on website

Who can afford such an apartment and who will feel at home living in one – an interview with Fenix Group President Andrzej Kawalec.


Warsaw’s troubles with apartments - „Puls Biznesu”

“If we are ever faced with difficult times and falling property prices, it will be our buildings that will retain most of their value” – Andzej Kawalec.


Photo session - „Claudia”

Exceptional session in elegant interiors of the house in Warsaw,Poznańska 16 St. in the May issue of „Claudia” monthly.


How to make money on ruins, advises „Puls Biznesu”

Investing in decaying, ruined pre-war buildings is not an easy business - Fenix Group President Andrzej Kawalec in an article for „Puls Biznesu”.


Renovating pre-war buildings is a source of satisfaction

The President describes to “Dziennik Łódzki” how the company came to be, what its goals and business concepts are.


Suburbia house or pre-war building apartment in the city center -

Many people are considering whether to buy a house in a quiet suburb of agglomeration, or to choose an apartment in a building located in the city center.


New life of pre-war building, an interesting idea of „Puls Biznesu" magazine

See by yourself how the building has changed when completely renovated. „Puls Biznesu" shows the work on modernizing the building at Noakowskiego 16 street.

08-02-2013 about the new trends on the real estate market

More and more people choose renovated buildings for their offices and homes. Andrzej Kawalec, chairman of Fenix Group, comments upon this new phenomenon.


Prom night for the best high school in Łódź held at Pomorska 21

Final year students from one of the best high schools in Poland, the I Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. Mikołaja Kopernika, enjoyed themselves amid the elegant interiors.


Agnieszka Pilaszewska photo-shoot

In the January edition of Gala magazine, an exceptional session with the renowned actress and screenwriter in the elegant surroundings of an apartment of the Fenix Group.


Actresses love old buildings

Catherine Zeta-Jones, Sarah Jessica Parker and Liv Tyler. All three prefer living in an old building rather than a house with pool – reports "Gala" magazine.


Building renovation in "Puls Biznesu"

Radosław Martyniak, vice-chairman of the Fenix Group, talks about the process for renovating historic buildings in the pages of "Puls Biznesu".


Fenix Group's Łódź property praised by the media

The Towarzystwo Kredytowe building in Łódź at Pomorska 21 has received the prestigious title of best banquet location.


Interior of a Fenix Group apartment on the cover of "Gala"

Stylists from renowned women's magazines appreciate the interiors of buildings belonging to Fenix Group.


Andrzej Kawalec's expert opinion in "Puls Biznesu"

Andrzej Kawalec, chairman of Fenix Group, talks about the future of the Polish real estate market in the pages of "Puls Biznesu".


"Puls Biznesu" on the merits of investing in historical buildings

The good sides of investing in historical buildings, as well as Fenix Group's activity profile, described by "Puls Biznesu".


Banquet in the courtyard of Noakowskiego 16 building

On the evening of 29 November 2012, representatives of the business world, artists and investors in Fenix Group took part in an exceptional event.


Andrej Bochenek in Fenix Group's interiors

The apartment at Poznańska 16 was once gain used for a photo shoot, this time by the stylists and photographers of the luxury magazine "Pani". The photographs showed Andrzej Bochenek,


Attractive locations in the centre

In the pages of "Gazeta Finansowa", Andrzej Kawalec attempts to make a case for buying an apartment in the centre, rather than a house in the suburbs.


Andrzej Kawalec for "Gazeta Finansowa"

In the pages of "Gazeta Finansowa", Andrzej Kawalec, chairman of Fenix Group, lists a number of the barriers preventing the development of Polish city centres. 


The chairman of Fenix Group on real estate in city centres

An expert opinion piece by Andrzej Kawalec, chairman of Fenix Group, has appeared in "Gazeta Finansowa", describing the advantages of investing in historical buildings.


City centres without barriers

Our experts voiced their opinions on the renovation of Polish cities and the condition of historical buildings for Gazeta Finansowa.

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